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NeedyMindSet is a brand founded in 2020 by Olivier CLOTAIRE. Through its range of products and services (the AppAndBiz blog) of exceptional quality, NeedyMindSet gives a whole new generation access to premium motivation. The brand's continued success helps restore the energy, emotion and enthusiasm of a steely mind to ambitious people around the world.

NeedyMindSet – Needy Mind Set – means needing a positive mind to successfully achieve your goal. It is also his story.


“Success loves effort, so be strong!”


Research, Reputation and Recommendation - NeedyMindSet

Any product or service we offer is measured against our three Rs: Research, Reputation and Recommendation.

This means that everything recommended on our site has been thoroughly researched and compared to similar items on the market; found by browsing reviews and consumer reports for top-rated products.

We carry out our own tests of the items we offer to ensure that what we recommend meets our standards.

Sometimes we feature a product in a paid publication from our advertisers like AppAndBiz.fr .

We also offer those items that meet our standards for marketing sponsorship . If there's a product you'd like to see featured, let us know at contact@needymindset.com .

If you are an advertiser wishing to collaborate with us, you can reach us at contact@needymindset.com or register directly on the Affiliate Program link.

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